Landing safely

Having just completed a trip with ten flights there-and-back I took comfort when catching up on my yellowing DNT’s to read that Congressman Chip Cravaak wants the Federal Government to check out the sale of Cirrus Aviation to China for the sake of our nation’s military security. As an old air line pilot I’m sure Chip understands that if we let the Chinese have Cirrus there is great danger that the Chinese will equip all their military aircraft with parachutes thus giving their air force an unfair tactical advantage in any future aerial conflict between our two nations. Heck, they’re probably using all the money they loaned America during the GW Bush years to pay for the purchase.

I’m sure as I read through more of my stockpile of month old Tribs that I’ll find even more news nuggets to comment on. Oh, how I missed making wry and cynical comments on this blogsite while I was in New Zealand and Australia……..No, wait. I didn’t!

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