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Not so much these days. The tag line above from my recent columns encourages people to come to this site to get my latest posts. I haven’t even bothered to upload my Reader columns here for all of December let alone blog post. I don’t know when I’ll post regularly again.

I was even wondering whether I had the grit to keep writing my column especially when I was in Colorado for three weeks in December. But I managed to crank them out even though I didn’t have a very functional computer to write on, I left my mouse back in Duluth. I did manage to do it and even got into the new year with a column. Fortunately the Reader puts most of my columns on its Internet site so here is what you missed if you came to lincolndemocrat to read my tabloid contributions.

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Dec 8, 2022 Duolingo’s White Hat

Dec 15, 2022 Papaw adds a couple ounces to Sweetie

Dec 22, 2022 Let it Snow, let is snow, let it snow

Dec 29, 2022 Resolution

Jan 5 2023 I am my Mother’s daughter

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