I love the Internet

I’ve always hated sweeping dust under the carpet. There has been no better dust revealer than the Internet. I’ve watched a number of world events through materials made available to me that way.

What is happening in the Middle East is fascinating and may rank up there with the fall of the Berlin Wall. It is ironic that many of the same crowd of pundits who championed our war in Iraq as way of bringing democracy to the Middle East are now tripping over their tongues warning of a new French Revolution. The Arabs will get us. The Arabs will get us.

Maybe they will but I’m not too worried about that. I’m more worried that we will let the world’s oil run out before we have found a good substitute and that we will poison the oceans by letting them fill up with too much carbon.

This gives me hope. It shows a television interview (in five parts) that escaped Egyptian censorship. In it a Google Egypt executive explains his arrest by the authorities. The fifth clip with stilted English subtitles shows how he reacted when the host shows him pictures of some of the young people killed in the protests. This young man is now a hero in Egypt.

In a perverse way the former pundit champions of democracy in Iraq are now advocating suppression of democracy because they are afraid other nations will elect people who are hostile to American interests. Go Tyrants! Go Fox Television! Save us from Sharia.

I presume the rationale for the suppression of Democracy must come from God. According to The Fox our nation was founded to fulfill and expand the mission of Christianity.

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