This Republican proposal sounds a little like gang rape

Virginia Republicans know a good cause deserving of becoming law:

Virginia House has passed a bill that would require women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion. In many cases (most, in fact) that would mean having what’s called a “transvaginal ultrasound,” in which a probe is inserted into a pregnant woman’s vagina to get the necessary image. This may just seem like an attempt to punish women who choose to have an abortion and a way to make the procedure even less attractive than it already is, and there may be some element of that involved, but there is a medical reason for the transvaginal ultrasound, at least, if an ultrasound is required by law. Most abortions are conducted at a period during pregnancy when the fetus may be too small to be properly seen with the “jelly-on-the-belly” ultrasound.

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