Selling books

I am very pleased about my book. I have not attempted to sell them in part because putting up lawnsigns and giving visual evidence of my campaign has been more pressing. I recently updated my two year old literature to add a challenge to debate Pete Stauber over his treason but I’m waiting for that to be printed which will be slowed by the July 4th Holidays.

But I ordered my book to see how the Amazon printed version compares to the 538 I had printed. Its pretty close and it only costs $20 from Amazon compared to the $25 I’m asking in Duluth. And if you are in Amazon Prime I don’t think there is a mailing or packaging fee. It takes the financial onus off of me and should I find an audience I will be able to put some money toward my campaign sans packaging books.

Here are some side by side comparisons:

The spine is blank….piffle.

The color of the interior photos is slightly brighter in my book. Slightly.

There is a barcode which I’m not sure makes any difference to me but it might make it easier for libraries to order when they realize they have a electoral phenom to deal with to help stocking their shelves……I can dream can’t I?

If you would like to order it here’s the address AND REMEMBER if you read Kindles the price is only $5.99. Just push your preference in the upper right corner. Delivery only took three days.

And if you would like to make a more direct donation to the Welty campaign here you go:

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