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I spent yesterday gardening and playing badminton with my grandsons with only limited time spent on campaigning. I have a life too and I’ve worked so hard setting up my campaign I think it will fall into place soon. The picture above is part of one of my next steps to raise money for Welty Press (Harry Welty sole proprietor) to donate to the campaign. More on that after this litany. I’ve got 500 printed books to sell that I’m sitting on until I have bookmarks done. My book is now available on Kindle and I’ve sent in my first ad to the Reader now that I’ve stopped writing for them through the August 13 (unless I raise so much money I can pay to have my columns in as Welty for Congress ads)

And I am now in competition with myself. Amazon will print my book as well and the price was set at 19.99 on their site at my request. I’m selling my books in Duluth for $28.07 plus state and local taxes for $25.00. I much prefer to have Amazon caculate the taxes for the 49 other states and foreign nations. And I’ve had my first overseas sale to my French penpal who is delighted to have a copy that translates unfamiliar English words into French.

But the fancy microphone will be for my next foray into publishing. Two years ago I recorded some of my columns for Spotify broadcasts on my cell phone. Now I’m going to record my book on audible. I don’t know how long it will take me to read 259 pages but younger people favor audible and I want their votes and their purchases to augment my campaign.

I have several online enterprises which have yet to catch fire. This blog is one of them. I mean to create an ongoing post that I will update several times a week to point people to other Welty sites like my Bluehost campaign webpage which I have ignored since the 2022 campaign. There’s more but I’ve got grandsons to play with and garden with.

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