Liar liar…..a little harsh

I just read my last Reader column after picking it up in print at Mount Royal. A couple small wording changes might have been nice but otherwise I’m pleased with it. I’ll post it in the next post after I take a few minutes to get my bearing after spending an hour and a half at Church with the Property Committee evaluating its plumbing in preparation for a big Kitchen renovation that Covid killed a couple years ago. Our guest was from Carlson Plumbing in Duluth who knows me both from blowing out clogged pipes in my basement shower and from having taught in his Morgan Park classroom when he teacher Sam Solon took off for St. Paul and a legislative session back before I got the permanent teaching job I later lost in the Duluth Schools.

Of course he’d remember me despite subs being mostly eminently forgettable. That’s because my name kept popping up for all the political races I filed for 19 and counting…or is it twenty? Even if I was forgettable, and maybe I would have been, biannual reminders coming from seeing my name on lawnsigns or in the news would help a kid recall someone who had been in their class just a few years previous.

That helps explain why most of Duluth knows me which is a potential threat to a speck of Trump pocket lint Pete Stauber depending on their opinion of me. Its often been said that even bad news is better than no news and who has proven that beyond doubt? Why Donald Trump who’s name attached to yet another headline before I started typing this up. It reported that he’s taking out a 90 million loan to avoid his $89 million judgement from the rape case that didn’t go his way. For a supporter its proof positive that the establishment is out to get their pussy grabbing hero.

My column demonstrates this as five of my fellow seven jurors made it clear they knew exactly who I was during our deliberations. And I’m no pussy grabber.

So the Title above. Its the beginning lyric of an old standard from my junior high school days harkening back to the school yard taunt. “Liar, liar, pants on fire.” the song lyrics continue “your nose is longer than a telephone wire.” Trump’s is so long it could circle Earth a couple times like a satellite. For me it was a title of one of my earliest columns that was prompted when a former college of mine sent me an email with those two stanzas in the subject heading.

I could be accused of lying because I ended my last column by saying my next column would be about real tainted elections. As the Title of my column about my Jury Duty says I plan a brief recess from talking about “My 1972.” But last night my column about problem elections or election denial was replaced by thinking about another thing on my mind. Religion and pop music and my ties with the Kansas I left permanently in 1963 to take up residence in Minnesota.

So I’ll hope the afternoon will give me time to submit Turn, Turn, Turn about another song from my youth.

I have finished reading most of the 300 plus columns I’ve had published in the Read. I skipped the education related ones because they are worthy of their own book if I have the stamina for it. Reading them has flooded my mind with lots of flying monkeys in need of grounding.

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