The previous post begs more explanation

The previous post

Blogging has taken a back seat for a couple reasons for several years. List of reasons

1. I spend a couple hours a day practicing French.

2. As I contemplated running for a third time for Congress I began writing Reader columns every week rather than every other week.

3. Or I was busy campaigning for Congress. This would seem to invite blogging but I spent several months of the latest campaign converting old columns of mine to a podcast NOT YOUR USUAL REPUBLICAN which never took off. AND a website: WeltyforCongress

4. And last year I began substitute teaching as schools across the nation discovered sick teachers needed replacements at a time when there weren’t many available to plug into teacherless classes. I limited myself to two days a week at first but even this meant my blogging took a hit. I don’t regret having done it. I’d been planning to sub since I was on the School Board twenty years ago but it took Covid to get me into classrooms.

A second wave of Covid hit in the Fall of this year and I kept subbing at albeit at a different school Harborview International.

I have been back in Duluth for a week and am contemplating taking up where I left off with my congressional campaign.

I’m a little slower and I had three weeks in Denver, Colorado’s thinner air to test myself. I’ve had hard a concrete snow to push around since I got back as well. Both have made me second guess my fitness to fight for planet Earth, Democracy and my family’s future but I’ve been setting those guesses aside. Yesterday four hours of pushing snow was considerably less physically exhausting so long as I approached it like the turtle who defeated the hare in the race.

I thought I’d put a few words on the blog before attacking my next column for the Reader. That column is already in a very rough draft and I jotted down on Wednesday. I have piled up the beginnings of a snow pile for what threatens to me my most complicated snow sculpture ever. Wish me luck. If I’m not called back to substitute teach I may find a little more leisure time to work my butt off some more.

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