Amending my lawnsign

Its a bit fussy making changes to my previous lawnsign:

I had to order vinyl strips. They came in yesterday. I have to cut them:

Add them to my signs:

Punch holes in the signs and slip zip ties in them for attaching to the rebar I cut over the summer for my signs

Then of course I have to go door to door and ask people if they would mind my putting my Jen Schultz endorsement in their lawns. My sign is a sign of bipartisanship very different from Pete Stauber’s cult-like adhesion to Putin’s orange cocker spaniel, the toast of Mara Lago.

I was going to pass out my old piece pointing out how Pete lied to God when he took an oath to protect our government. Now I’ll probably use the best thing the Fargo Forum ever has done. Repudiate Pete Stauber with a solid endorsement of Jen Schultz.
It will help me find other lawns than my own to put up my endorsement of Jen.

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