A tale of two Editorial Boards

These days I’m not cranking out five or ten daily posts as I have in the past. I’m being very selective. Even my eight loyal readers eyes must be burning out from gazing at their cell phones this election cycle. But before I attend to this post’s headline I have to follow up the powerful video I posted last night from Fox News’s, Shep Smith, on the real threat of the Migrant caravan, still one thousand miles from the border. Even if it doesn’t crumble under withering 105 degree temperatures it won’t even reach America at its current pace for 44 days – a full month after the election!

As this morning’s NPR interview with an economist makes clear keeping migrants out impoverishes all Americans. Our public schools and colleges don’t spend much time training American students to clean motel rooms, bus tables, or pick vegetables.

Now to this post’s headline.

I was taken aback by the DNT’s Editorial headline this morning – “Yes,” “no,” “no,” on School Questions concerning the School District three part ask for tax revenues.

As I’ve noted before they’ve been happy to report the now false info that Keith Ellison beat his ex wife. (Shades of their Art Johnston reporting) But they have yet to report Ellison’s innocence regarding his divorce or the incestuous relationship his opponent’s old boss has while he’s hyping up a likely fraud about Ellison’s clingy former girl friend. And the Republican candidate is promising to play republican/democratic politics should he be elected to become Minnesota’s State Auditor. The Trib supports the Republican. And apparently their “conservatism” has led them to urge the further impoverishment of the Duluth Public Schools. Even my pal and Red Plan critic, Loren Martell, has not advocated voting against any of the three levels of funding being offered to voters. What gives?

Until now I have not taken a position on the three levels of the proffered levy referendum. Here it is. I plan to vote for all three. But then again, I’m rich. I can afford the tax increase and I can afford it easily. I just came back from a month in France.

But I am torn. I regret that an slippery Superintendent will claim the passage of all three levels as a feather in his cap to continue his unsavory ways. But I’ll be Damned if I’m willing to deny our children for my petty grievances against Bill Gronseth.

I haven’t read the Trib’s editorial yet. I’ll read it at my leisure later today. What annoys me is that the Trib’s editorialists helped chase me off the school board despite my indisputable proof that the Red Plan drained millions of dollars annually out of our classroom expenditures. Instead the Trib cheered on a bunch of eager replacements but now they have left them where I was – with no support to replace the classroom funds stolen to pay for the Red Plan. Well F#@^ the Editorial Board. They are just insuring more headlines like this one today. It may be good for the Trib’s readership to read about the continued degradation of the Duluth Schools but its just plain shitty for our children.

To shield the paper’s management from the public positions they take they have for several years added “citizens” from the community to help them craft their public opinions. Today’s Editorial Board includes a friend of mine who is now tagged as part of the Trib’s dim-witted and stingy recommendations. I suspect and hope that my friend was not part of the majority vote for this abominable recommendation.

Ahhhhhh! But I was in a similar role just two nights ago when the Reader Weekly asked me to join them to offer the Tabloid’s views on a number of this Fall’s candidate choices. There was one particular recommendation I disagreed with. I couldn’t sleep that night so I crawled out of bed and wrote my next column for Thursday. Its called: Harry Welty’s Suicide. Look for it.

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