A “good guy” kills Earth, Is his ignorance a good excuse?

Regarding our incumbent Congressmen I have to ask the question in the title of this post again: Is ignorance a good excuse?

I went to meet someone for coffee this morning and on my way there I switched on NPR as I drove. I heard an announcer introduce Elizabeth Kolbert to the audience of Westminister Town Hall Fourm“>Minneapolis’s Westminster Town Hall Forum. The speaker was the author of the recent book the Sixth Extinction which I mentioned in a recent campaign post recently. Its obvious premise is that we humans are as bad if not worse than the meteor the killed the dinosaurs. That fear is why I say Pete Stauber and his pollution spewing buddies are the reason our grandchildren may have to live under ground when we contaminate the Earth so much. Its why my card proudly says I am “the Greta Thunberg of the Republican Party.”

Kolbert has written a new book called Under a White Sky which is about the possible human intervention to stop the world’s destruction. As I waited in vain for my coffee invitee to show up in Wussow’s coffee shop I overheard a quartet of people my age talking about politics. Of course I listened in for a minute. One of the fellows, perhaps with their wives present, said he thought today’s voters were so stuck on their parties they would vote for Hitler if he was their party’s nominee. That seemed to be the table’s consensus.

I stopped at Zenith Book store afterward and bought Kolbert’s book.

By the way I printed up 2000 copies of my doomsday Not Eudora column “Everything Harry Writes” and have passed out half of them to UMD’s dormitories. I’m heading up tonight to finish distributing them. Two more nights should do it.

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