Trolling “retards” and “morons”

I am inclined to challenge Facebook messages I don’t like such as this one:

There is no picture associated with “Calvin Renard” so I don’t know if its a real person or one of dozens of pseudonyms some random troller uses. Its sort of generic but I suspect its not a bot. Anyway I like to throw in a little history on the off chance the recipient will give it some thought.

I’ve consoled myself for a couple years that America breaking in two wasn’t possible because the geographic divide isn’t north and south its urban vs. rural. After the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling I’m not so sure. On the one hand for the first time in fifty years “pro-lifers” are finding themselves divided over the many differences of opinions that were formerly papered over by their unity in calling themselves “pro-life.” Perhaps they will even have to deal with differences of opinion on the proliferation of children killing weapons in the hands of the free but deranged. I am more convinced than ever that getting moderates back in the Repuclican Party is more important than ever.

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