“A Foregone Conclusion”

I expect to keep my campaign page up through the November General election win lose or draw in the August 9th primary. I will continue to accept contributions to finance my voice in the 8th District selection of our congressional representative. Hell, Donald Trump is still collecting money under false pretenses as a legal defense fund only to put into his pocket. When Ivana Trump, the mother of his three oldest children died the bastard put a donation button for him on the page announcing her death. Talk about a guy who would kill his own mother to make a buck. And this is the guy Pete Stauber wants to be our President.

So, I was disappointed at another act of fearfulness when the editorial board of the Duluth News Tribune punted in their editorial endorsement for the Congressional Primary race. They offered no opinions about whether Pete or Harry Welty would better represent the interests of the Congressional District. They swore off their editorial responsibilities because it was obvious I couldn’t win…..in their estimation. But that doesn’t mean a comparison of the candidates was uncalled for. They didn’t have the courage to say that the obvious loser was the only Republican candidate who wasn’t a threat to our Democracy.

I can’t complain about being shut up by the Trib. I got my 700 words in and the editor even wrote back to me that I’d sent in a good piece. I’ve had my battles with Chuck Frederick but I mostly get along with him. As an employee of a Murdoch-lite newspaper investor group, however, Chuck is on a short tether.

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