1.3 + 1.7 = ?, 6.5 + 6.5 = ?

School Board member Ann Wasson does her math a little differently than Art Johnston.

If you get a 1% increase in pay next year and a 2% increase the year after that second year will be a 3% increase over the year before the contract was negotiated. Same for the Health Insurance increase. (6.5 + 6.5 = 13)

You would have to look very hard through Duluth (or anywhere in the US for that matter) to find any workers getting an annual 6.5% increase in health care costs. As I said before such an increase will only lead to layoffs. Board member Wasson has probably paid little attention to the drama in the City of Duluth over the cost of health care. If she had she might realize that what she has given away will only lead to travail. That she gave so much away a year before negotiations had to begin was indeed improvident.

Not only is the Red Plan bonding set to come due but the current Board has a one time gift from the Federal Government of $2 million which will not likely be renewed with the prevailing Tea Partying climate.

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