A hard conversation about – prevagen

Whenever I have plans…..PLANS…..the hardest part is facing the conversation with my better half about what no power on Earth seems to be able to stop me from doing. I have plans and I had the conversation last night. I will sleep better now which is still a challenge.

When my better half showed me what her latest version of a fit bit could do to monitor her sleep I was instantly determined to buy one for myself. I’ve used it since before we got to France and I am fitfully teaching myself to get a better night’s sleep. This has been a concern of mine for a long time when I began hearing how Alzheimer’s and sleeplessness seemed to go together. My Mother and her mother before her both suffered from Alzheimer’s and I was painfully aware of what that meant for the last ten years of her life.

Here is a record of my interrupted sleep for the last week. The horizontal lines are times I chose to try to sleep the bold solid lines are sleep, (light or heavy or dreamy). The gaps between the solid lines are where I was wide awake. Usually after half an hour of failing to fall asleep again its because my mind is racing over pressing issues. Then I throw on a night robe and spend an hour practicing French. Its some of my most concentrated study on Duolingo and helps explain why I have been in the top 1 percent of Duolingo students two years in a row. Sadly, learning a new language is tough if you want to speak it as fluently as your first. I’m aiming at the end of this, my fifth, year to be moderately confortable (that is the french spelling of “comfortable”)in slow French conversations.

I am going to check how many of my posts going back to 2006 I mentioned the word sleep. I know it was a lot because from the Red Plan on I had a lot of near sleepless nights…https://lincolndemocrat.com/?s=%22sleep%22 Golly, its about 360 times.

BTW. in my conversation my better half said she could tell I’d been under stress because I was getting forgetful. I joked I might have to start taking prevogen the medication to shore up mental faculties with annoying ads on the geriatric nightly news.

I don’t feel terribly stressed other than with the threat to democracy by Trump cultists and snake oil wannabes and the destruction of Earth’s environment. Otherwise I had a lovely Christmas as a preceding post attempts to make clear.

BTW #2 Prevagen only makes number 5 on this top ten list of brain health supplements. I’ll stick to writing in here and in the Reader and learning French to improve my brain health for the time being.

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