My lovely birthday weekend

Turn 71 on a friday and just maybe the first weekend of your eighth decade will be a nice one. Mine was. Here is me tonight at my delayed birthday dinner.

My Daughter’s family gave me a lunch box. I’ll explain my delight in a moment after a brief iteration of other things about the weekend that were swell.

On Friday I decided on a snow sculpture facing four days of warmth that will give me perfect snow to sculpt…….if enough of it survives the next four days. I also worked on my column for the Duluth Reader a bit about my jaded attitude towards the recently deceased Senator Bob Dole. I had the day off from teaching which barely gave me time to finish the last bit of organization before I begin the next phase of book writing. An eight hour day teaching will severely cut into my writing time but so far the rewards have outweighed this loss of freedom.

On Saturday I made a preliminary clay model for my next snow sculpture. Its absolutely non political and seasonal. It will be a challenge since I’ll be subbing during the warmth of both Tuesday and Wednesday when the warm front ends. Its perhaps my most complicated design ever.

On Sunday. Our church choir sang for the first time in over two years. I sang tenor and could reach all the notes. We sang masked. Then I finished a very different Reader column that was more seasonal and personal. Its called “Christmas by George.” Bob Dole can wait. Then I went to a Duluth Depot play with my grandson in two minor roles one of them as a buddy of Snoopy’s little pal Woodstock. Then I had my birthday dinner. My other son asked me what the French word “desole” meant and I knew. I got the present above. And now the story about the present.

As we ferried our neighbors across the street to a doctor’s appointment they teased that I should take a lunch box with me to the schools I sub at. Claudia told my Woodstock Grandson who told his parents. Mad shopping at local antique stores ensued. Someone discovered this vintage 1970 Johnny Lightening lunch pail. When I opened it it was stocked with chocolates for my next few meals at school. I look forward to taking it to School with me.

Our neighbors will be delighted to hear how their suggestion has been acted on. I am too. Je n’est pas desole! I’m not sorry.

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