Jabba the Hutt

Like I was saying yesterday I planned to visit Mom and write a post and build a Halloween car costume. Somehow the blog post got lost.

Actually I had two long district related phone calls so that by the time I got to my Mom’s it was almost lunch. She was asleep so I put more hershey’s kisses in her candy dish for visitors (workers) and headed home. It was blog – Jabba, blog – Jabba all the way home. Jabba won. I spent the day building the skull and frame for Jabba the Hutt’s head. It was four feet wide, three feet thick and tall but faceless when I finished.

If you missed that post, which I intend to write tomorrow (remembering the pavement on the road to hell) I’ll blame last winter’s weather. I don’t quite know what possessed me to work on a Jabba the Hutt but I have always felt like I shortchanged my inner artists last winter. All that snow and so little sculpting. Too damn cold. So maybe its my inner creative impulse at work.

If so, its not exactly being gratified. The blog post in question went by the boards today as well. I visited my Mom this morning and sang and also recited the Presidents in order telling her the story of her father doing it when I was a kid. I sang too but the afternoon back home it was all Jabba the Hutt. I wish. I know how to sculpt snow. I don’t know how to put a face on a cardboard egg with burlap, a hot glue gun and Styrofoam.

If you want to bring some youngsters to Glen Avon’s for “Trunk or Treat” to see how badly I muffed it there will be a dozen decorated cars handing out treats next Sunday from 3 to 5PM. Its in the parking lot on Lewis Street just off of Woodland.

I also left two urgent emails and one phone call unresponded to along with that blog post. I only wrote this so that I could get this pathetic excuse for abandoning my blogging duties off my mind for some much needed sleep. Once again I’m bushed.

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