Swan Song 2

I must have needed a day to recover from the primary. I spent it outside in high humidity for ten hours cleaning out my garage. I started the work a couple weeks ago but had a lot left to do. Now I can park our Traverse in both sides without losing either its antenna or side view mirrors.

The garage has always been my lowest priority. Its last reorganization/fix up probably took place fifteen years ago. Two weeks ago it took two visits to the materials recycling center (the old landfill) to empty its contents. Now I have one more visit to make to get rid of my old lawnsigns.

When my daughter kindly told me that I didn’t do so badly I gave her the sober truth that I’d been creamed. I told her I had to have lost in every precinct and sure enough I did. I just checked this morning. I haven’t lost in every precinct since I lost to Mike Jaros thirty and more years ago.

By the way, I owe Mike a great debt for his enthusiastic endorsement. I hope he’s not too stung by my loss because the loss is all mine.

I told the cameraman who stopped by Tuesday night for a perfunctory interview with the loser that this was my political swan song. Actually I think I told a reporter much the same thing after I lost my last race too. I’ll be content to be a local eccentric from now on.

Much of the drive for this blog has been the Red Plan and/or possible campaigns for public office. For my eight loyal readers there will probably be a significant drought in content in the coming weeks/months not unlike the respite following the dismissal of the taxpayer’s lawsuit last November.

I’ve got some other work to attend to, particularly a book to finish editing before Christmas. I’ve given myself until December. Now that my garage is clean there will be no stopping me.

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