One hour five minutes and counting

I just got quite a surprise. A college friend called a moment ago. Evidently he’s lived in town for the last seventeen years and never looked me up. He went to vote today and saw to his surprise my name on the ballot. He called to tell me he’d voted for me and we agreed to get together to swap life stories soon.

He thought I would do well based on my name ID and I commented I might suffer because of my eccentric reputation. He’s in theater so that didn’t seem to phase him.

I like campaigns. This one might prove more difficult for me because it appears to be drawing far more people than anticipated. I had counted on a fairly limited number of voters heavily larded with anti red Plan folks.

We ate left overs in the basement while the Tan Man watched Shreck 1 for the first time. After it was over we skeedadled out to the car to drive over and get DQ blizzards for everyone. A trio of folks stood in the rain on the corner of 21st and Superior St. holding Roger Reinert signs. I hate doing that and I don’t know why it should help anyone get votes but eager volunteers do it. Poor kids were starting to look like drowned rats.

My Grandson ordered a banana cream pie blizzard and I asked that some M&M’s be mixed in. He didn’t finish it because the ice cream gives him brain freezes.

In fifty five minutes the primary will be over and possibly my political career. If so, it was great that it was a short two month long hike instead of a six month long slog. It was my fourteenth campaign and thus I’m no longer stuck at unlucky 13. I’ll be happy to demonstrate than any old number can be just as unlucky. of course, if 14 turns out to bring me good luck I may have it tattooed on my chest.

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