$ nip and tuck

I won’t be turning down any donations so the info in the previous post is still in effect but I feel a little more calm after the mail today. I got exactly the eight returns I was counting on and their average size helped make up for the low returns yesterday. With the 19th being the drop dead date I can’t take anything for granted.

I was bushed yesterday and turned in at a ridiculously early 9AM last night and then, not surprisingly, woke a little after 2AM. I trundled my computer and financial records downstairs to try and enter the latest donations and figure out the finance software the state gave me to keep things straight. In the old days reports were mailed in. Today they are uploaded to the state. I’ve got to work out the bugs still. I put a couple people in twice as well as their donations. I failed to link some husband and wives together but I just figured that out. The “help” function which might help me address these concerns doesn’t function and when I was directed to the Internet to update it that download failed. I’m sure glad I’m taking the trouble to figure this out before next Monday.

Whenever I got too tense I paused and picked up the sheet music I volunteered to sing for church next Sunday. It was a favorite of my Mother’s father and I sing it to her before I leave her at her nursing home. Its a mournful song and I downloaded a version of it from an online sheet music store that’s a little different from the one I’m used to. I’m very pleased with the piano accompaniment. Its got a couple high (for me) A’s that I’m trying to get into my head before I risk embarrassing myself.

I just confirmed that I will be present for the teacher’s union screening on Friday. They will be forwarding a questionaire to me shortly. I expect the endorsement to be handed to Roger rather automatically. Ironically if he loses the primary it will almost certainly be because of educational issues. Last fall he lent his name to the school board incumbents who have been instrumental in the decimation of our District’s teaching staff. Now that’s worth an endorsement.

And the juggernaut continues. The District is buying up more houses for the western Middle school. One fellow has said he will refuse to sell his property to the District. They will have to meet his price or risk proving themselves liars by using eminent domain to buy him out and kick him off his land. That may not be so hard for some of Roger’s allies.

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