And speaking of eating one’s brains…..

I’ve just uploaded Zombie Grandson to youtube. Youtube is now owned by Google and its busily processing the movie. If things work out I’ll have it up before the day is out.

Speaking of that ….. all of my uploads to youtube for the past ten years are now under the control of ISD 709 including Zombie Grandson. I am annoyed by this and when I just now read the message from Google that the Duluth School District has complete authority to remove everything I’ve uploaded to Youtube it did little to improve my attitude. Old board member friends of mine used to joke that our school board’s motto should be: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that someone isn’t out to get you.”

Youthful Annie Harala likes to give me regular digs when I explain that the the ISD 709 email system gives me heartburn. She’s a young dog and has no trouble navigating our online labyrinth.

After I got my District email address the District bought into a Google Product to organize everything. It made me start over in a system I was already far behind in figuring out. Somehow Google then swallowed my own Google material and merged it into ISD 709’s online data base. They practically own it.

I’m not really worried that anyone in the School District will tamper with what I have had on the Internet for years but I’m sure a number of insiders consider me a tad peevish and would cheer my comeuppance. If anyone wonders why I walk backwards through the hallways of our Administration building its because I find that to be the most efficient way to watch my back.

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