Mercury abatement – Mercury

In a previous post an in the previous clip from the forum I made a mistake. Moments after I said Minnesota Power had spend a quarter of a billion dollars to deal with carbon I had the nagging feeling I should have said that the money was spent for mercury abatement.

Claudia confirmed this when I asked her about it after I watched this clip and remembered that nagging feeling.

Having caught and eaten half of a 24 inch walleye earlier in the week this should have been on my mind. Big fish concentrate all the mercury that was eaten in the smaller fish they’ve consumed and the even smaller critters eaten by their meals.

Still, a quarter billion dollars has to be paid by somebody. The State decided MP couldn’t pass it all on to the rate payers. Instead they are having to stiff all the senior citizens who have bought stock in the company. Even before this investment MP was hardly the worst mercury emitter. I’m not in a position to know whether this required investment was beyond the law of diminishing returns or not but it may very well have been.

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