Blackbirds and Blueberries

I’m still playing the host to my father-in-law and thus loathe to campaign even though the primary is just six days away. I had thought about putting up more lawnsigns but we spent the morning picking an incredible bounty of blueberries in Carlton County at Blackbirds and Blueberries. The Tan Man ran between family members mostly sampling the bounty for the two hours we picked. We had 22 lbs of them when we’d finished.

I made the mistake of following the recommendation of the farm’s co-owner that small berries made great pies because they were so plentiful. I picked a gallon bucket of small ones which had to be gone through with a fine tooth comb afterward to pull off stems and debris. I spent three hours hunched over the sink cleaning the berries and loading them into the freezer. My dinky berries were three times as numerous as the big ones. Next year I’ll pick big.

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