So what was I doing up so early?

Regular readers will know that I frequently comment on not being able to sleep or waking up too early. I know that whining is not a very pleasant thing to do but many of my days are shaped by getting up early and attending to the necessities of a campaign or a fight with City Hall.

This morning was no exception. I walked down the the Lakewalk and headed over to Perkins. I pulled out a complimentary Hillsider and Senior Voice to peruse them as I drained a pot of coffee. I was struck that Roger had only placed a small ad in each and hadn’t bothered answering the short questionnaire that had been requested by the Hillsider.

This struck me as either a gross oversight, evidence of over confidence, or most improbably the Reinert campaign curling up in the fetal position in the face of the Welty campaign’s vicious onslaught. The hyperbole is meant to be humorous.

Roger acquits himself well in the Chamber forum. He knows a thing or two. If I should win the primary I plan on calling him up to ask him to meet with me and give me some pointers on working with the legislature. I’m developing some ideas on how to get the state to pay for part of the Red Plan. That will be a tall order and I can used all the help I can get to accomplish it.

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