Finally some advertising

I almost missed Rep. Reinert’s name in the Trib this morning. Upon rereading the paper I saw the small story about a rally for the endorsed DFL gubenatorial candidate Margaret Anderson-Kelliher to be held at Duluth’s Labor Temple today. Roger’s was just one of a dozen names listed as people expected to attend. If he advertised in the Trib I didn’t see it.

If the polls are right and Mark Dayton’s name recognition holds its unlikely that she will survive the primary. Whoever wins the gubernatorial primary there’s a good chance I’ll be invited to the next DFL rally should I win my senate primary.

I missed the TV ad that Roger has just started running when I turned in early last night before WDIO’s Ten O’clock news was over. Claudia said it confused her with lots of distracting images of various things showing up behind Roger as he spoke. I presume they were images of things he wanted the state spend money on. Good luck with that with a $6 billion deficit to fix.

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