When is my blog going to pick up again?

I mostly posted political stuff when I began my run against Pete Stauber in June not my usual Motley Crue of topics. That didn’t mean that I didn’t have a dozen things to offer up daily between then and now. No. And even after the inevitable primary slaughter I didn’t pick it up again. I’m in something of a Chrysalis phase although I can’t guarantee to be a Papillion when I break out of it. That’s French for butterfly and the name of a great prison escape film.

Five years ago when my Mother died she left me enough to get a start on turning our attic into an office. For thirty years I had struggled to find a place to store all the paperwork I’d kept of my life of little consequence. Once the office was complete I brought everything up to it but I have never taken the time to really organize it. I’ve done it dribs and drabs ever since but its a huge undertaking and I’m still a busy people continually creating more paperwork……although a lot of it today is on my computer or the internet. The former is also in dire need of organizing.

French studies have taken up a significant share of my time especially once the Covid 19 quarantine kicked in. This year’s 45 day Fall stay in France was postponed until next year. That gives me another year, a fourth year, to become conversational. This year I’ve had a French pen pal who has taken great pains to teach me her language while I help her brush up on English. A few days ago I prematurely told her I felt like a Francophone (French speaker). I’m not a francophone yet but struggling to learn French at 67,68, 69 and soon age 70, has been a fascinating study in learning for me. I figured that if I.F Stone could learn ancient Greek to write his book the Trial of Socrates at age 80 there was hope for me.

I have a lot more organizing to do so I’ll stop here, short of the detailed explanation I had thought about writing about how I’m cleaning out my own Augean Stables. If mine ever gets cleaned it will likely let my fingers lose on my computer’s keyboard. I might need a pitcher of water handy to prevent a fire from breaking out.

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