More on Congdon

Here’s a little more background on the acquisition of property at Congdon. I received this email after my post this morning.

Would be nice if they finished a project before starting another. This whole plan reminds me of crafters who buy more fabric, yarn… and don’t
always get a project done. Too many irons in the fire.

Back when money was being raised for the lawsuit a man answered the phone at a home by Congdon that was slated for “property acquisition”. (does that phrase
allow the board to sleep better at night, not having to call the action by its name: forcing homeowners out)

He stated that his father had had a massive stroke and it was not known if he would survive. This son went on to say that he believed the stress of the district forcing his Dad out of his home had brought on the stroke.

The man also stated it was OK to repeat his story. You can bet the farm that the DNT would never print a personal story like that. . . . If the district would give me $230,000 for my house like it was worth 5 years ago I would be outta here.

And another sad fact, the design is very ho-hum at Ordean. Very boring. Thought this was going to be cutting edge. Looks very 90’s.

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