My blaze of glory

An hour ago my first $2.90 was spent by Facebook on my first campaign add. It was the post about Donald Trump and Pete Stauber’s affinity for cheating. Its been seen by 280 people in St. Louis County so far and another $97.20 is left to spread the good word.

I have $408.left to spend in the next fifteen days. If Facebook’s metrics can be believed that will get me seen by better than 50,000 voters. A couple decent donations to my campaign will share my insights on Pete’s limitations with even more voters. And I think a lot of you will feel good to think that someone is out there trying to redeem the Party of Lincoln from the scalawags who took it over, purged the better angels and buried Ronald Reagan’s “big tent.” Think of me as an avenging angel.

Donate below. You’ll feel better.


If you feel the same way I do about Trumplicans help me spread the message on Facebook with a donation.

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