Welcome to Harry Welty’s Congressional Campaign

Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District doesn’t have a Congressman. Pete Stauber, is Donald Trump’s gopher and a man who doesn’t have the courage to tell the truth about a man staining America’s highest public office.

I never give up. I served twelve years on the Duluth School Board after three unsuccessful runs at the office. I ran for the School Board in part because the Republican Party purged moderates like me for more obedient people like Mr. Stauber. That left me only non partisan offices like the School Board. I haven’t even let that stop me. This is my fourth campaign for Congress. The first two times I ran an Independent. The last two times I ran because someone has to stand up to Donald Trump. I challenged Congressman Stauber to a debate over Donald Trump fitness for the presidency. I don’t blame Pete for not getting back to me.

I won 10% of the vote in the primary against Mr. Stauber two years ago without lifting a finger to campaign. This year I made a websitewww.welty4congress.com. And I post my blogs most trenchant criticisms of Pete on a Facebook page Harry Welty Give’m Helty.

Any donations sent my way will leash Pete Stauber to his master. We don’t need Trumplicans in Congress.


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