Republicans (today) do not equal fascists and anyone wanting to fix America needs to understand what they have become.

First of all they are not just a they. We are all they or parts of they or parts of our they.

Liberals can be a threat to Democracy too when they find it inconvenient. I have a perfect example in Duluth, Minnesota a very liberal college town in a very liberal state, Minnesota. I know this example very well having devoted a few million words to a battle for democracy I waged against the good intention of providing our children better schools. You see because the Republican changed on me over the last 40 year becoming even more unpalatable in a liberal college town I only had one avenue to express and practice my political ethos…… a municipal NON PARTISAN office. In my case I began running for the school board as my dreams of a legislative off in the State Capitol evaporated and became a father with children headed for the public schools.

After stepping of our city’s school board after eight years our good liberal, children loving parents were worried that democracy could stop them from building new schools…..a lot of new schools. If you counted the number of times the phrase “red Plan” occurred in my blog going back to 2007 you would find thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of mentions. It was a plan to rebuild almost all of our many schools without allowing residents to vote on it. Lots of legal arguments were proffered for why this was OK but in my view they were all bullshit. They were excused by a justificion or non justification I heard repeaded dozens and dozens of times. YES, we should have voted on it but it (the referendum/building plan) would have lost.

“WOULD HAVE LOST.” Yeah. Democracy is a bummer. You can’t guarantee a win. Screw all the Duluth liberals who were willing to subvert our democracy for their children. The example they set only serves to justify every perversion I’ve watched Donald Trump lead his masses to attempt in the last 8 years.

In my own stubborn puny way I’ve worked my butt off for the last thirty years to expose the creeping corruption of the party that was ripe for a Trump takeover. My first eloquent expression of this thinking was in a book I self published in 1992. The book, a joke, was my attempt to raise campaign money for a race for Congress which I had originally intended to be a race for the Republican Nomination. But I knew I couldn’t win against an endorsed candidate and after speaking my peace at a Republican convention that booed the hell out of me I decided to run as an independent candidate to be able to campaign all the way to the November general election. There is a long story behind this I’ve written in bits and pieces elsewhere.

I decided to put my speech at the back of my book which I’d undertaken at first to test my writing abilities. It was meant to be a kid’s adventure book but as I wrote it I couldn’t help but put a lot of autobiography in it eventually leaving my name as the hero of the book.

Then when I put a speech largely about “ABORTION” at the end I made the damn book almost unsellable after losing. 5000 of the damn books held up a wall in my garage for the next 15 years because it took me that long to work up the grit to toss them into a landfill.

I have more to say but I’ve been called to lunch.
My Lunch Break is over but it was most instructive on the points I’m making now. My wife and I listen to history podcasts during our lunches together and we just listened to the excellent Wondery Historical Series. Wondery Histories number around 275 so far. We started one on the Civil Rights Era and listened to the third in the series today one called Jim Crow fights back. I will be looking for a transcript to keep several factoids straight but I can offer anyone interested this link to listen to episode 3.

Listen to Civil Rights – Jim Crow Fights Back | 3 (Ad-free) by American History Tellers (Ad-free) on Audible.

In fact I was struck by the excellent list of things the White South did to fight having to let N’s win the rights of their humanity and American citizenship. Its just the sort of stuff the party they took over, The Republican party, does today.

But where was I……. Ah my speech yes…

I haven’t given up on writing as a means of sharing my thoughts. This blog, not often used in recent years, is an example of my faith.

So here are examples are some sections of the Republican coalition that can not tolerate losing an election.

A. The Rich dare not trust democracy lest in losing an election they are taxed more.

B. Highschool graduates who have seen more and more minorities head off to college dare not trust democracy lest they lose to a better educated population that is advancing beyond them in prestige.

C. Christians who consider themselves the most trustworthy experts on the Bible do not trust democracy lest people who are too tolerant of things like homosexuality loosen the law to permit them.

D. People who believe that from the moment of conception (whether or not by rape or incest) a soul entitled to constitutional protections from his, her, its mother to be born and who thus do not dare trust democracy lest they be deterred in seeing every such child born ninge months later.

E. People who believe that Gatling guns are protected under the Second Amendment and do not trust democracy lest any limitations on their ability to mow down innocent students might trim back their rights.

F. Nationalists besotted with the myths of American perfection who do not trust democracy lest someone put historical truths into our history text books.

G Businesses infected with the irrational Cold War fear that any socialism is really communism or regulation of things like Earth killing greenhouse gasses or the plasticization of the ocean’s fish stocks might threaten their ability to keep making money hand over fist.

All these people make up today’s Republican Party and their slavish, cultish bowing and scraping at the boots of Donald Trump pretty well give away the game.

NOTE: YEAH YEAH, THIS IS A MESS. I meant to start writing something else but my lunch interrupted me followed by my teaching my french penpal some US Geography. Editing this would be very time consuming and I’m content to show you how I frequently awake at night consumed by how hard it will be to put the Republican genies back in their bottle.

Listen to the podcast I linked to. It will make up for the time you spent getting to this sentence.

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