Posting past 10PM

For the past four days (nights) I’ve refrained from uploading posts until ten at night. As I expected its lowered the number of daily visitors but it has freed up my time which was the point of the experiment. I’m far too pooped out by this hour of the day to crank out a lot of new posts.

I’m reevaluating this tack at the moment. I’m not quite sure what the point of my running for Congress is. I am far more intent on getting a book written. The main issue for me is that I want it to be a book worthy of my skills as a story teller and the story being told. It seems highly unlikely that gutting it out in three months will allow me to accomplish this.

Maybe I could finish it unhurried over the course of two years and still sell it in a run against Chip Cravaack in two years time. That would require that he survive what will be a very tough campaign. I certainly want the GOP to lose the seat. I want that much more than I want Cravaack defeated.

Or maybe I could keep working on it and run for Congress but make no promises when it will be completed. Certainly a fluke election by me would set my book’s completion date back.

While I’m thinking about this I’ll just point new readers to my hastily constructed and written website

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