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Every few days I will put this post back at the beginning of the blog because each new post makes it fall farther from the front. I have one ambition at the moment. To cripple any politician joining Trump as he feasts on the corpse of the Republican Party, once called the “Party of Lincoln.” I am running against a very nice former policeman, Pete Stauber, who doesn’t have the courage to say anything critical of a man who will be long remembered as having ushered in the lowest point in American History since the traitors (whose statues he is protecting) tried to break America in two.

Here’s my story:

For years after Watergate my mission was to prove that there were good reasons that my family had been a part of the Party of Lincoln for four generations. After President Nixon it was shear stubbornness that kept me in the party. My family was full of wonderful Republicans. Although I was not one of Ronald Reagan’s fans it became easier to be a Republican after the election of the sunny and successful Reagan. I took his call for a party with a “Big Tent” seriously. His successors didn’t. They purged Republican moderates and “liberals” like me out of the party until it was ripe for a would-be dictator. And guess what happened?

I began letting go of the party by degrees. I ran for Congress as an Independent in 1992. I ran for the legislature as a Republican defeating an endorsed Republican candidate in a primary but my independence was no longer welcome. In 2006 I ran another independent campaign for Congress as as a “Unity” party candidate.

But I am a stubborn person. It took me three defeats for the Duluth School Board before I won on the fourth time. This is my fourth campaign for Congress. The incumbent I’m challenging has refused to acknowledge my challenge to debate the fitness of Donald Trump as our President and I am desperate to remind voters that Republicans were not always the prisoners of a carnival barker.

Two years ago I won 10% of the vote in the primary against Mr. Stauber without campaigning. If enough patriots vote in this year’s primary who knows. I might find Ronald Reagan’s long discarded big tent.

And check out www.welty4congress.com or my Facebook page Harry Welty Give’m Helty.

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