Ruminations 7/15/2020 one month from the primary

I usually just check on my Internet presence by googling Harry Welty. This year I filed as a candidate for Congress with the middle name Robb that I always included on my homework up through junior high school. I found a couple sites that had info on me I didn’t know about and others that have just never been scrubbed from the net. That includes the previous post where I put the video I made for WCCO radio out of the Twin Cities in the 2018 primary.

I had imagined the slim possibility of finding something that might get viral attention. This was my best shot at such a thing but it was barely noticed as far as I can tell. It was a lot of fun to write the lyrics and sing it and collaborate with my daughter to produce it. Even if it had garnered attention and donations I would still have been stuck with the pool of republican voters most of whom are not Lincoln Project voters.

Getting elected to Congress was something I dreamed of twenty to forty years ago but now my campaigns have taken on the shade of a cry in the wilderness. Its a smart cry, mind you, an informed cry, but its out in the wilderness.

What it did for me earlier in the year was a focus to write a book. In the spring I cobbled together more than enough for a book but then I began spending more time refining my campaign’s internet presence. However, I never managed to get beyond my hackneyed “Eight loyal voters.”

And the corona virus, the economic crash and the Black Lives Matter issues have all transcended my conviction that the Republican Party needed salvaging. Donald Trump has likely made that impossible but I’m a Never-Say-Die kind of fellow.

The book I began writing five months ago began to change with every day of these troubles accumulated pain and confusion and hope. By now I have a little different vision for it. My inclination is to coast campaign-wise for the last month before the primary and get back to my books transformation to something a little more targeted.

Don’t worry. I have trained my critical eye on Donald Trump and I can’t stop myself until he is defeated……fingers crossed… November. But much bigger guns have been trained on him now. Maybe I can take a breather. The next post is going to be about those bigger guns.

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