I’m back

Just a short post to say…..I’m back.

Vacationing and business don’t go well together. The fundraising letter I was planning on sending out last week will end up going out tomorrow. That leaves me with a very narrow window to raise the $3,000 before the state will match my own fundraising. That must be accomplished by July 19th. That’s ne day short of two weeks. The contributions will only count for the first $50 per individual ($100/couple) I can’t contribute $3,000 of my own money and then claim state matching funds. I’m limited to $50 for purposes of the match. I would need 300 ten dollar donors to manage it or 60 $50 contributors.

I could contribute $3,000 or more, of course, as the US Supreme Court has ruled that candidates can throw as much of their own money as they want to get elected. I won’t be doing that. I have loaned myself $1,000 but will pay myself back shortly. I spent enough to pay for a well funded Senate campaign fighting the Red Plan and that’s my limit. I will spend no more forever.

If the voters of Duluth are unwilling to donate to a candidate who will fight for their voting rights that will be their choice. I’m not too worried.

I’ve also been attempting to set up a new website. WeltyforSenate is being set up through a third party which I will manage. At least that’s the intention. If I figure out how to set it up it will appear a little more sophisticated than web sites I’ve set up for myself. That’s a big “if.” So far, its proving to be a hassle.

As with fundraising, I don’t think a new website is of great importance to my success or failure. The voters in Duluth know who I am and either detest me for being an impediment to the Red Plan or are grateful that I have fought the good fight for their rights of citizenship.

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