Tantamount to a different voice

My braying about being ignored by the Tribune at the the televised debate they sponsored has borne some modest fruit.

First they gave me space to explain why I would be the best candidate. I’ve had a number of folks say my comments were the most sensible.

Then the editorial board gave me an interview, and today they assessed all the candidates in their endorsement of Jim Oberstar. They had only nice things to say about me as a “different voice.”

I can’t complain.

Harry Welty

Harry Welty had run for office numerous times before finally winning a seat on the Duluth School Board. During his service there from 1995 to 2003, he received praise as a moderate who could get things done.

A writer and former teacher, Welty describes himself as a 35-year moderate Republican who would caucus with the Democratic Party if elected to Congress. He offers realistic and sobering ideas on the war in Iraq and the economy, harkening back to the Republicanism of years past for whom fiscal conservatism was tantamount while allowing for social caring.

Welty’s quest is hampered, however, by his peculiar route to the ballot, in which he sought but could not obtain an Independence Party endorsement and discovered instead the Unity Party, a more-or-less online creation based in California. His motivations, nonetheless, appear sincere and he brings a different voice to the race.”

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