Clap trap and my month of book writing

I am deeply saddened because while I live in comfort and security homeless people, one of Republican America’s most successful crops, will be dying like flies because of corona virus.

I could list one hundred other things I’m deeply saddened about. So when I read the Duluth News Tribune Headline about how sad our Republican Congressman is about layoffs in mining I’m am unimpressed. Stauber deeply saddened by mining layoffs

Neither am I impressed with his DFL opponent, Quinn Nystrom. She is given ink because, as the daughter of a miner, she evidently feels strongly too. Give me a break.

I have a sister-in-law who is seeing corona virus up close. That’s no guarantee that I have solutions for the many problems that will face us as corona virus raises more hell. I have a grandfather who was awarded the nation’s highest military award for heroism on the field of battle. That’s no guarantee I can intelligently figure out how to deal with a resentful Russia or an ambitious China. I taught in public schools. That is no guarantee that have any solutions for the state of disrepair in public schools that leaves so many kids behind. I have read far more history and know the past intimately. That is no guarantee I can prepare more intelligently for the future.

I understand better than most because of my devotion to science that for the next ten generations and maybe the next 100 generations the population of the Earth isn’t going to escape this planet even as day-by-day we poison it. Our poison is being released more gradually, the way a frog resting in water is said not to notice that he is suddenly aboil. But gradual or not what we are doing is as lethal as the dinosaur killing asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs who had “ruled” the planet for the previous 200 million years. We’ve darn near equaled that asteroid’s five minute impact in a mere 100 years.

This will be the fourth time I’ve filed for Congress. In every campaign I have run preaching unity and independence from party nostrums. This campaign will be no different. I will continue to channel Republican Abe Lincoln. The only way to save the Earth is to approach the crisis we keep pushing off to periphery as though the entire earth is at war with the destruction of the recent past. No Republicans and too few Democrats are focused on this. Young people are but they don’t call the shots yet and if they can’t get past the Republican/Democrat blood feud they may never have a chance to fix things before its too late – if its not too late already.

I like people even willfully ignorant ones like the 12% who will listen to Donald Trump if he tells them to drink bleach to cure their corona virus. I just won’t cater to their hurt feelings and thus refrain from telling them the truth as honestly as I can. Pete Stauber hasn’t got the stones to do that. HASN’T GOT THE STONES!!!!!! Few people do. And to the Democrats who would forbid all mineral exploration in Northern Minnesota. That’s more twaddle. I don’t know which plans I would allow to proceed but if we don’t mine copper in the United States it will be mined by the Chinese in Africa as destructively as Belgians, French and Americans have mined it in Africa in the past. I know that Glencore is a soulless polluting money machine but just maybe the Polymet mine they bought up is worth pursuing. I’d let science not Pete Stauber, Donald Trump or myopic haters of all mining, determine whether it is feasible and safe or not.

I feel like a blog storm is coming on, on par with Donald Trump’s tweet storms. But this blog already has more than enough on it for a year’s worth of reading. Now its time to act on my oft repeated threat to write a book. If I tune out most everything else I think I can get it mostly done in May.

I’ve mentioned S. a fair amount lately. S. is my French pen pal. S. is very pleased to have been mentioned in this blog. Here is a small part of what I sent S. today. I mean to honor it:

I have been planning on writing a book for this campaign for Congress for 2 years. I was sure I would start in January. It is almost May now. I spend a lot of time on French, reading the news and other distractions. I need a solid month of just writing a book ten hours a day. Much of it is already written from my ten years of columns and blog posts. I just have to assemble them in a coherent book that explains more fully what I tried to explain to you yesterday – what my task will be if I get elected to Congress.

To accomplish that I will have to severely limit my french, my news, my blogging and my correspondence. I won’t disappear completely but I will be harder to reach.

So, don’t be surprised. I will start today.

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