If Trump wins

I will be happy to go to Australia but only as a tourist. I’ll be back.

My next post is going to be I will gladly vote for a dead Joe Biden if he is the candidate on the ballot with Trump.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I wasn’t fixated on Trump when he came down his golden escalator in June 2015 as a candidate. He’d explained as a callow entrepreneur in the 80’s while he was losing lots of money for his Taj Mahal investors that he would be a great president. That was before he lead a lynch mob to execute five innocent black men accused of rape but those sorts of attention getting activities never made him seem like a threat to the ideals of the founding fathers. Even so in 1992 when I told a Republican convention that he or another of that era’s greed-meisters were the likely leaders of a future party that time seemed far off. But the billionaire class was infiltrating Republican politics and despite the boos my warning prompted I did not like the direction of the GOP riddled as it was with sex-addicted “Christian” half charlatans who identified more with money than God.

Four years of Trump could lead to more Supreme Court appointments. It could lead to the politicization of the Justice Department. The Supreme Court could give Republicans in red states more states rights to crimp personal rights and keep stacking the deck with more Republicans. In doing so they would be sabotaging the desire of illegal immigrants to become successful Republicans if they did in fact loot the American work force of the twenty million low paid workers they say who live in the United States. I won’t volunteer to clean the diapers of old republicans in memory care units. I’ll be lucky if I can keep my own from being soiled. But I might buy a gun to commit suicide as that time grows near. I’ve seen enough shows about clean up crews at murder sites to feel a little bad how messy a quick death is going to be. Convenient for me if I shoot straight. Not for the people to discover my corpse.

The world Trump will bring will be have to be ratified by many young people in future years. I don’t think they will. Many are fleeing the money centered evangelical churches. Like many Democrats who were good sunday school students these future ex-evangelicals will keep the tax levying beatitudes with them while discarding the Old Testament God part of the mainline churches they abandoned back in the day…..which ever day it was in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.

Older Americans in the twilight of dementia may recall how much more pleasant the weather was in their childhood but probably still not admit they ignored the heat they unleashed with fossil fueled street rods and AC in the Summer.

I hate to think that America has to let incompetent thinkers push America into stupidity at a time when the world needs our economy to lead the way out of the Trumpian dystopia of another four year term. I wish I could help persuade America from my diminishing campaign of the vast superiority of the Biden team over the grasping grifters Trump plans to unleash on the nation’s “administrative state.”

I wish I could marshal the resources to dump Pete Stauber the Congressman how worships Trump over God. I am still debating passing out my message in the corners of the vast 8th congressional District but my resolve is flagging. Pete Stauber is a traitor and too stupid to recognize it. He fits in perfectly with the Republicans he will rejoin in Congress should God do to Trumplican votes what the Greek gods were always said to do when they wanted to punish someone – by granting their wishes.

I might actually come back and treat this as the rough draft it is and edit it. But first I have to put my congressional campaign away and think about whether, after spending $1,000 on 10,000 of the following flyers, I really want to send them to recycling unused.

The flyer:

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