Don’t worry…let me do that for you

Its a sunny if cold afternoon so I am about to head up and put up some more lawnsigns. At this point I suspect most voters have made up their mind but I don’t want to risk losing by ten votes because I was too tired or infirm or whatever to waste the donations that have been sent to my campaign. That would be unfair to my supporters.

I’ve been working overtime locally and globally meaning both Duluth School Board and tyrant eradication work. Its exhausting reading the news these days. That’s probably Trump’s biggest worry. Even his supporters have got to be fatigued. But on the other hand I keep being sent unwanted cheap shots at me for being an anti-trumper by one of his most ardent supporters. I should but can’t resist responding. Its actually a constant useful reminder of how Fox Television has polluted America.

I plan to post the string of emails from my frenemie if I have time later.

STUFF to tell you before I put up lawnsigns

Yesterday I took a half hour phone call from a Facebook techie advising me how to get the most out of Facebook. I teased him about Mark Zuckerberg listening in. He gave me some good advice and motivated me to put up more ads in the waning days of the campaign.

Not long ago a fan of mine who always asks me about whether Donald Trump will ever be curbed told me their son is a guard at Camp David. I asked if he’s been guarding the Taliban.

Two nights ago when I woke up at 2 in the morning I had some mental clarification going on in my head about what my mission was in the upcoming last third of my life. I must say it was invigorating at a time when the campaign stuff had started to discourage me.

And I’d recommend this piece today by an old favorite of mine, Andrew Sullivan. Its longish and deals with three items. The first is about Boris Johnson, British politics and Brexit. It made good sense to me but if its not your bag skip the beginning. The last part is a pretty dead-on analysis of the Democrats running against Trump. It was discouraging even though I suspect a majority of the nation’s electoral votes will get past Republican attempts to block non Republican voters and Mark Zuckerberg’s refusal to correct lying politicians and their campaigns on Facebook.

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