Pay attention to the man behind the curtain, Mitch McConnell is no hero

A couple of posts ago I said some nice things about Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell.

What was written about him was apparently true. The New Yorker has an hour long read put together by the Jane Mayer who wrote the book Dark Money about the deep pockets behind the corrosive affect of big money on American politics. Mayer has discovered what lots of Kentuckians have learned. Mitch McConnell is a soulless creature who doesn’t care if a man he regards as “nuts,” Donald Trump, destroys America’s Democracy, so long as he can use Trump to raise so much money that he can recreate a Mitch McConnell judiciary that lets him keep raising more money I guess until the day he dies.

I got through half the article before other duties called.

As someone who thinks politics ought to count for something and leave us a better nation I hope to God McConnell is defeated this year. It will be like scrapping out a hundred year’s of solidified fat from the sewer pipes of a great city.

The link above is to a short summary of the story. This is the New Yorker Story.

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