Corona Virus Updates 4-7-2020

My Brother in law was chatting with neighbors where he winters in Arizona. The subject of the virus came up and the neighbors called it a hoax. There are a lot of Trump bumperstickers in the neighborhood. My Bro-in-law set him straight. His son had just been hospitalized out there in the boonies of North Dakota with a life or death case of it. Today I ran across a pro Trump website that says Trump said no such thing giving the president a pass by claiming he only said it was a Democratic hoax. Funny but they guy who joined in to call it a hoax didn’t seem to catch that fine point. We called that “parsing” when Clinton told us is could be defined all sorts of different ways.

Well here’s yesterday’s broadcast about my nephews survival.

My French pen pal told me it was unlikely it would be safe for me to attend my French language course six months from now because it was being reported in France that a vaccine would take 2 years to develop. Tonight on PBS medicine man Bill Gates said it might take two years.

The Republican Party has created a nightmare of ignorance, anti-education, anti-science, anti-smarts, which is a fallow field for paranoia to grow in like mold in a petrie dish. As they have sown so shall we all reap.

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