President does right under protection of lies

Like a cat who rolls off a bed while yawning but picks himself up and licks his paws as though to say “I meant to do that,” Prez Trump stopped hinting that America should open back up on Easter. I, of course, beat on the Commander for that threat in this week’s Reader. He deferred to Dr. Fauci instead of replacing him. He was shrewd enough to realize that suddenly how he handles Coronovirus will determine if he has any chance of reelection. I’ll take what I can get from this creature.

The Newspaper biz under attack for being fake already had enough problems but one of their ripper-offers, Facebook, has the deep pockets to sustain some of them for a while during our virus outbreak. The Big Z will pump $100 million into the papers to keep them afloat. We are in a crisis of local newspaper closings. Again I’ll take what I can get. Facebook comes to the rescue of Print Media

And in more virus news, yet another elected President wants to make himself a Czar. This time its Hungary’s Victor Orban. When I was five, in 1956, Republicans were distressed that we stood by to let Russia snuff out a blooming democratic movement behind that era’s Iron Curtain. Now with wannabe three-termer Trump not a peep. Corono Virus used as justification for Dictatorship

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