Arizona Highways

I’ve kept up my French in Arizona for the past 11 days but given up blogging. I’m going to the blog today as I’ll be returning home tomorrow and my old ways. I’ve got to get back in practice and the headline here is what I’ll title the next Not Eudora column which I’ll be writing tomorrow on the plane.

I’m preparing for that column by sharing here a couple photos and thoughts about Arizona based on my trip. This is mostly to assure my eight loyal readers that I have not abandoned them. It would be a lovely time now to heap abuse on the big hands of our Commander-in-Chief with his botching of the corona virus epidemic; the historic fall in stocks and the getting-it-together of the fractious Democrats, but my critique would pale in comparison with others I’ve been reading. I will just share that my vote for Bernie or Joe will be ever more gladly cast next November from France where I’ll be soaking up French in situ.

So a couple of photos from Arizona:

1st day Bisbee, AZ – 11 mi. N of Mexico border. An arty town with a sense of humor about itself. 100 years ago the town fathers crammed a dozen box cars with union men and shipped them out of town at gun point warning them never to return.

2nd day, Tucson AZ, Saguaro NP Zoo A great zoo in the most bio diverse desert on Earth.

3rd day, a wedding mixed Jewish/Christian ceremony. The bride’s grandmother was talked out of marrying a Jewish gentleman about 70 years earlier.

4th day, Sedona, AZ, A picturesque Hollywood western town with kool bronze statues abounding. Here’s an old cowhand spellbinding children with western poppycock. Apropos First of three lovely nights. Some shopping, sight seeing and one helluva canyon tour in pink jeeps.

Days 7-12, Bullhead City, AZ, first stop Oatman, AZ, western trinkets, gunfighters, donkey’s galore.

Colorado River cruise courtesy of my Brother-in-law.

Domestic canid

Not so domestic canid, “Wylie”

Got a brief glimpse of his nemesis “Meep, Meep Roadrunner” that morning in a toney part of Bullhead City. No hard life on the banks of a river for him.

Sign of human neglect in a nearby wash surrounded by the homes of Snowbirds.

Sunset the night before the full “Worm Moon” of the local SW Indians when the worms come out of the winter soil

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