Keeping the Clerk happy

I’ve spent six hours this evening filling out a financial disclosure form for the Clerk of the House of Representatives. Its absolutely necessary to monitor conflicts of interest but it’s one more reason that a lot of good people would avoid a run for Congress. No privacy. This form was not greeted with much enthusiasm by anyone in this household.

I’ve never paid a lick of attention to the considerable paperwork coming from my spouse’s workplace for retirement plans and benefits until today. Claudia told me I’d be on my own filling this thing out so I had to go through tons of paperwork as though I were filling out my taxes and do some research on unfamiliar things like Rabbi trusts. I’m a little rusty at this sort of thing. I gave up doing our taxes two years ago and I know our accountant is much better at it.

I think I’ve finally got a handle on this but I’ll put a call into the staff at the Clerk’s offices to go over a few questions tomorrow after I’ve finished my stint reading the news at the Lighthouse for the Blind.


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