Giving up the Reader

I told the new editor of the Reader Weekly that I would resume writing for them last week. I began a column on “Initial Politics” which was about LBJ, JFK, RFK and HHH. But after hammering out a rough draft I choked at the thought of spending a day to polish it up for publication.

My blogging is also being neglected because it too is a distraction for a project that sorely needs my attention. I want to get back to the story of the Boyd Scandal and to do it any kind of justice means that I’ll need to put 30 or more hours a week into it on a more or less regular basis for a year or two. Stopping for a day every other week to write a column demands too much time.

I’ve got other priorities, church choir practice, reading news for the blind, serving at the soup kitchen, trying to figure out how to raise money for the Duluth School Endowment. Something has to give so I decided it had to be the Reader, and dependable blogging - at least for the time being.

Oh, the blog isn’t done for yet. Who knows what will come? I’m even holding off on closing out my PO Box and bank account for my Congressional Campaign. I’m not ready to burn my bridges. Even the Duluth City Council is starting to look interesting. Poor Claudia. Please don’t tell her.

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