My plate’s too full. I guess I like it that way

This is appropos of nothing. Its one of a hundred print ads my Mom drew for a boutique shop in Mankato Minnesota from the 1970’s through the 80’s. I check out a Facebook Page dedicated to the city and found that someone had asked a question about the history of Harpies Bazaar and since my Mother was one of the Harpies I offered some insights. There were dozens of its former patrons who raved about the shop on Facebook. I told them that this was one of a hundred or more print ads that Mom drew for Harpie’s advertising.

Attending to this took twenty minutes or so mostly to find some samples of her ads. It was a small diversion but I’ve got some bigger ones planned. Tomorrow I’ll head over and offer my voice for the next Duluth Symphony Chorus, practices every week until November 23. Then tomorrow I’ll start putting up thirteen more new storm windows for our church. I’m also getting the last bits of paperwork I need so that I can start substitute teaching in the Duluth Schools. I picked some elderberries for making jelly this afternoon. I keep posting in this blog and putting an hour in a day for French practice. Somewhere in this schedule I’m campaigning for the School Board and every now and then I peck away at the book I’ve promised my donors about my witness of America’s public education system.

The best part of all this is that I’m not getting any panic attacks when some of the more optional items get set back like the book-writing part. The challenge for me is trying not to wake up for long stretches at night pondering how to save America. Mostly I’ve been able to fall back asleep. I guess my plan, as such, is to stop blogging after the election no matter how it turns out. That will give me more time to write that book. Late perhaps but with almost two months to prepare for the School Board should I make it back on in January.

BTW – the Congressional run I’ve threatened again. That too is optional and, other than having a heart attack at every hammer blow our President pounds out to divide America, I’m feeling not a particle of pain.

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