Some filler between snow shoveling

Busy, Busy, Busy. I only made about seven hours last week for my French studies……which are mostly a lot of drill, drill, drill. I have effectively set the basement level for weekly (hebdomadaire in French) practice from now until my departure to France in September.

Duluth got enough snow Saturday and Sunday for someone to beg that I build another sculpture. They were about to move out of town and wanted me to build one more for old time’s sake. I don’t think I quite conveyed the lack of enthusiasm I felt for that prospect. The snow did bring everyone over to our house on Sunday and because today is a snow day in Duluth we have grandkids staying with us. I will take them on a snow shoveling expedition to their house later today. Their parents will need to get back into their house after over nighting in ours.

The distractions have knocked me off course in the writings I plan to begin. But I still managed to look at both NPR and the NY Times this morning. One had a review of the movie “Come Sunday” that Claudia had me see before-hand. Evidently the seminary crowd has been spreading the news. Pertinent to me “the politician” was its story about how one preacher escaped from the iron grip of damnation worship that pervades the evangelical community. Their’s is a “you’ll get yours God.” Considering how many of them voted for Donald Trump I suspect the number of them left behind when the rapture finally descends will astonish everyone.

Oh, and I watched the first two episodes of the new “Lost in Space” while others in our Sunday crew watched Call the Housewives. I can catch that later when my grandsons aren’t around. Good fun.

The other fascinating story in the Times was about a hither-to-unknown member of the Trump Team who has sacrificed his marriage for Donald who once tipped him $200 buck tip for caddying when he was a kid. He’s Trump’s tweet master an altogether new job for a President. I’m guessing he will be the first and the last.

It reminded of a story I read the summer I was a summer intern in Washington DC.. It was about one of Richard Nixon’s unknown helpers who was the last person in Nixon’s administration any official wanted to see. That’s because RMN, famously averse to face-to-face personal conflict, needed someone to go out and fire people Nixon wanted to dump. Nixon did have an “enemies list” but Trump’s is infinitely longer. The wisest thing I heard anyone say this weekend was the ousted ex FBI Director Comey who said Trump should be removed by the voters not the Congress. I’m not sure I agree but I’m not sure I disagree either.

And those teachers in Red State’s that have taken their state’s stingy Republicans to task……Ah, that’s a subject for some later post too because I’ve got more shoveling to do.

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