Jane the Virgin

I heard a good review of this new television series on PBS and found some subsequent raves on the Internet. So Claudia and I watched the first episode by live streaming it on Hulu. Evidently you can watch it here.

It was charming and Jane is a Virgin just like her Grandma told her to be. She is also pregnant.

I can only hope subsequent episodes are as funny as the first one. If so it will rate up there with Doc Martin and Australia’s original version of the Rake for me. I wouldn’t recommend the latter to just anyone as it is pretty bawdy. Like Doc Martin I’d have no trouble recommending Jane to anyone.

Its inspiration comes from the Latin American Soap Operas called telenovelas. This will be one souped up soap. You can watch the first one online and then catch them on the CW channel on Mondays after that.

Jane won’t get an abortion. Good for her. That would end all the fun.

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