I double dog dare you to call me a Baby Killer and …

not be anonymous when you do.

This is a post begging to be written. Later. When I am finished practicing French and have a school concert and some lawn improvements out of the way.


This post became unintentional click bait. I’m still stewing about it in the wake of Pro Life laws being passed by Republican State Legislatures but I never found the time to come back to this post. I am writing this now after starting a “most visited Page” section for the Month of May, 2018. For those of you reading this now understand that sometimes just like little kids with desert on their plates my blog is sometimes like that plate. Its too big for my mind or my free time. This becomes apparent when I can’t stop myself from posting a title but then never get back to it as was the case here. Never Fear. I’ve nibbled at this subject many times before and will again.

Here are some old stabs at the subject:

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Five Anecdotes about Sex This one also helps explain how I lost my last teaching job.

…and anything on the category “Abortion” here on the blog. As of today there are about 60 such posts.

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