Russia, If you have access to Pete Stauber’s email, please release it.

Congressional goody-two-shoes and “I’m my own man” candidate, Pete Stauber, will not give St. Louis County permission to release the 15 emails he exchanged with the National Republican Congressional Committee when he was making plans to honor our nation’s lawmaking by becoming a candidate for Congress. Here’s the latest story on that subject from the Duluth News Tribune, which just endorsed him.

If the Strib (Minneapolis Tribune) wanted to force the issue it would have to take St. Louis County to Court. Trust me. The Strib doesn’t have deep enough pockets to do anything more than huff and puff about Stauber’s closet hiding.

What would we read if it was released? Probably something like this:

NRCC – “Hi Pete, were looking for a candidate that doesn’t have hair down to his shoulders to run for Congress.”

Pete – “Well, I’ve got a crew cut. Will that do?”

The emails should be made public, of course. Good for the DN Tribune for reporting Pete’s foot dragging. I always knew that any of my Duluth School Board emails could be made public. In fact, I always assumed that it was possible that the Superintendent had someone looking at mine to check up on me. When I wanted to talk politics with parents I sent them replies from my personal email account. Pete should have done that too.

I can’t complain that the biggest case of purloined email has been ignored. To the contrary its the basis of the Meuller Investigation into possible collusion between Dictator Putin and wannabe Dictator Trump.

Pete and Hillary have something in common in trying to hide their abuse of power. And there is a Duluth connection to Hillary’s gaffe. I learned that at my three-and-a-half hour conversation with the old Duluth hand Tuesday. That connection was with a Tom Nides whose father had a finance business in Duluth. Tom emailed his suggestion to Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, that Clinton find a State Department drudge to delete all of her emails. Here’s his Wikileaked email.

In it he makes the observation that every public official used their government email accounts for personal business………just like Pete Stauber!

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