Vingt-neuf, Day twenty-nine

From Facebook:

Today was our last day and night in Paris and in France. We are packed with a cab ordered to pick us up tomorrow at 7am.

Today we downed coffee in our hotel’s grotto. Walked to the metro. Took a subway to The train station at Montparnase. Hopped a train to Chartres. Had a fine lunch. Explored yet another of Europe’s great cathedrals. Took the train back to Paris. I have, of course, included the pictures.

When we walked back to our hotel we debated walking ten more minutes to see the Eiffel Tower’s light show or having one last meal at a sidewalk cafe. The tower made the decision for us. The light show sparkled as we left the metro. Then it stopped. That allowed us our first evening sidewalk meal. And the day’s chill gave way to a very nice evening. Our meal was great.

Au revoir Paree. We are going back to the farm.

Pics to come: